Seminar Rauzy – 1st April

1) At 9.30 am-10.30 am Frédéric Palesi will give an introductory talk about the variety of characters of surface groups

Summary: A hyperbolic surface S is naturally associated a (conjugation class of) representation of the fundamental group of the surface in the group of isometries of the hyperbolic plane. This more generally motivates the study of the space of (conjugation classes of) representations in SL(2,C). We will see how this space is associated with the character variety and can be set by a finite number of trace functions. The natural action of the mapping class group on the variety of characters can then be studied in a more algebraic way, and we will illustrate the dynamics of this action on simple examples of surfaces.

2) Then at 11am-12pm Carlos Matheus will talk about the
Elliptical dynamics on certain varieties of relative characters

Resume: In this paper, we will discuss the dynamics of the action of a
hyperbolic element of SL(2,Z) on some levels of SU varietes(2)
and SU(3) characters of an epoint torus. It is a work in common
with G. Forni, W. Goldman and S. Lawton.