The FRUMAM is a mathematical research federation (FR 2291 – CNRS) made up of mathematics laboratories in the Marseilles region :

Its premises are located on the Campus of Saint-Charles (University of Aix-Marseille).

The FRUMAM participates in the coordination of the scientific life of mathematicians. It supports researchers in the organization of cross-cutting projects at its partner laboratories: working groups, seminars, thematic days, conferences, colloquium, outreach activities to middle school students, high school students and the general public. These mathematical events take place in its premises, equipped with two seminar rooms.

The FRUMAM also plays the role of house of mathematics in which mathematicians meet to work more informally. It has six self-service working rooms for visiting mathematicians.

The FRUMAM also works with the Institute.The Management Board:

The director of Frumam: Charles Bordenave

Directors of Partner Laboratories :

  • Peter Haissinsky (I2M)
  • Thierry Martin (CPT)
  • Céline Lacaux (LMA)
  • Cédric Galusinski (IMATH)
  • Samuel Soubeyrand (BioSP)

Council of the Federation:

Mission: to give its opinion to the Director of the RF and to the Management Board on all matters relating to the missions of the FederationScientific Council:

  • the six members of the Management Board
  • the Director of INSMI or his representative
  • the President of the Univ. Aix-Marseille or his representative
  • the President of the University of the South, Toulon and Var or his representative
  • the President of the University of Avignon or his representative
  • three scientists from outside the laboratories