Seminar Rauzy – Friday February 25th

This Friday, February 25 at 11am at the FRUMAM we will have the third session of the Rauzy seminar with the talk of Julien Boulanger around the points of connection on the translation surfaces.
there will also be the inauguration (in the presence of the artist! ) of the three works of Sylvie Pic that will now live at the FRUMAM! 🙂

Here is Julien’s summary (and attached images):

Title: Connection points on translation surfaces.
Abstract: After recalling the notions of translation surfaces and Veech group, we will focus on the notion of connection point, used in particular by P.Hubert and T.Schmidt to build translation surfaces of which the Veech group is infinitely generated. However, if we know how to characterize the connection points for type 2 translation surfaces and their coatings, we know almost nothing in the general case. In this talk we will focus on the particular case of the surface of the double heptagone, type 3, and in particular show that the central points of the double heptagone are not connection points, which answers in the negative to a question of P.Hubert and T.Schmidt.

And then, here you can discover some works by Sylvie Pic: