N. Sabater – Reliability and Accuracy in Stereovision.

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Date(s) - 23 mars 2011

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3D reconstruction from two images requires the perfect control of a long chain of algorithms: internal and external calibration, stereo-rectification, block-matching, and 3D reconstruction. This work focuses on the crucial block-matching step. This work provides an exact mathematical formula to estimate the disparity error caused by noise. Then, this exact estimate is confirmed by a new implementation of block matching eliminating most false alarms, where the residual errors are therefore mainly due to the noise. Based on several examples we have shown that in a completely realistic setting 40% to 90% of pixels of an image could be matched with an accuracy of about 5/100 pixels. Moreover, the predicted theoretical error due to noise is nearly equal to the error achieved by our algorithm on simulated and real images pairs.