Jean-Marie BARBAROUX – Spectral and dynamical properties of Dirac operators for graphene

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Date(s) - 27 février 2019

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From the physics point of view, it is important to turn semimetallic graphene into a semiconductor. This can be achieved for example by considering graphene antidot lattices (GAL’s) that consists of a periodic array of holes in a graphene sheet. This causes a band gap to open up at the Fermi level. In this talk, I will present some recent mathematical results on two-dimensional Dirac operators modeling Hamiltonians for GAL’s. I will mostly focus on two dimensional Dirac operators with periodic mass potentials, as well as their random Anderson-like perturbations describing defects in the array of perforations. -This is joint works with H. Cornean, E. Stockmeyer and S. Zalczer. Jean-Marie BARBAROUX [