Jean-François Aujol – J. F Aujol (IMB) : Variational models for image colorization

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Date(s) - 27 juin 2014

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Variational models for image colorization\n\nBy Jean-François Aujol, Institut Mathématique de Bordeaux\n\nIn this talk, I will present an exemplar based variational approach for image colorization. Although the proposed functional is not convex, an optimization scheme converging to some local minimum is derived. Comparisons with state-of-the arts methods demonstrate the interest of the approach. An extension unifying manual and examplar based approaches for image colorization is also proposed. The choice of the color space to work with is discussed (YUV, RGB, HSI,…).\nThis is some joint work with Fabien Pierre, Aurélie Bugeau, Nicolas Papadakis, and Vinh-Thong Ta.[