Darde Jérémi – Workshop Problemes Inverses

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Date(s) - 21 novembre 2013

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– “The exterior approach applied to the inverse obstacle problem for the Stokes system” – résumé : In this presentation, we are interested in the problem of retrieving some fixed obstacles immersed in a Stokes flow, from Cauchy boundary measurements. To do so, we propose a modified version of the “exterior approach”, based on the coupling of the quasi-reversibility (QR) method and a level-set (LS) method. We present a new mixed formulation of the QR, introducing the stress field as an auxiliary unknown, allowing us to discretize the problem with the help of standard conforming finite elements. We present 2D reconstruction for both the Cauchy problem and the obstacle problem. This is a joint work with Laurent Bourgeois, from Poems laboratory, Ensta Paristech.