Seminar Teich

Friday 7 May at 11am we will have a Teich!

Dierk Schleicher will tell us about his recent results in collaboration with Sergey Shemyakov, PhD student here at AMU, on the old and new Thurston theory. Dierk will be there but we will also put a video for those who want to join remotely.
ON hybrid mode.

Thurston theory old and new: decomposition of 3-manifolds and of surface automorphisms, and a new theorem in transcendental dynamics
We start by a panorama of closely related theorems by Thurston on geometrization of 3-manifolds, classification of surface automorphisms, and characterization of rational maps. These theorems are well known but often stated rather separately. We try to present them in a coherent way that highlights their close relations.
In the second part we will present a new theorem, in joint work with Sergey Shemyakov (AMU), that extends Thurston’s rational map theorem to a large class of transcendental functions; this responds to a conjecture raised by John Hubbard in the 1980’s.