Pytheas Fogg

The Pythéas Fogg Working Group has been held at Frumam since September 2008. This working group is monthly and has for themes: the combinatorics of words and the links with symbolic dynamics. The latter follows in particular the publication of a collaborative book written by Marseilles mathematicians on the subject
of word combinatorics in 2002, [Fog02].The purpose of the working group is twofold:

– Using classic notions of combinatorics of words never written and writing a clear text of reference on these notions: To do this we first expose the notion, someone writes the notes that are repeated in a subsequent session.

-Understand new concepts and see what can be done from them.
The initial theme of word combinatorics is still present, but to this theme has been added the following themes:
paving, symbolic dynamics in any dimension, numeration and number theory.
Organizer : Nicolas Bédaride (I2M)
On the web page there is a summary of the topics covered and the current year’s schedule :