This working group is designed as the first meeting of a small group of topologists
and symplecticians, with the aim of initiating collaborations on issues related to
the trisections theory of smooth varieties of size 4. Two main axes are envisaged:
the links between trisections and symplectic structures on the one hand, the generalization of trisections in on the other hand. For this meeting, it is planned to invite David Gay, initiator
with Robion Kirby of the trisections theory, to give lectures, taking advantage of his presence in Europe this year.

The working group will last one week.Each participant will give a presentation on a topic corresponding to their specialty in the working group theme. These presentations will provide an update on the context of the issues raised. Group working time is also planned to decide on the avenues to follow in collaborative research work.

Organizer : Delphine Moussard (I2M)