Séminaire Teich

Ce vendredi 7 mai à 11h nous aurons un Teich !
Dierk Schleicher nous parlera de ses résultats récents en collaboration avec Sergey Shemyakov, doctorant ici à AMU, sur la théorie de Thurston ancienne et nouvelle. Dierk sera là en présence mais nous mettrons aussi une vidéo pour ceux et celles qui veulent se joindre à distance.
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Thurston theory old and new: decomposition of 3-manifolds and of surface automorphisms, and a new theorem in transcendental dynamics
We start by a panorama of closely related theorems by Thurston on geometrization of 3-manifolds, classification of surface automorphisms, and characterization of rational maps. These theorems are well known but often stated rather separately. We try to present them in a coherent way that highlights their close relations.
In the second part we will present a new theorem, in joint work with Sergey Shemyakov (AMU), that extends Thurston’s rational map theorem to a large class of transcendental functions; this responds to a conjecture raised by John Hubbard in the 1980’s.

Singularity Webinar

The next seminar from the Singularity Webinar from Marseille will take place ThursdayMay 06, from 14h to 15h (Paris time) via Zoom (see details below). We will have the pleasure to listen to:

Speaker : 
Jean-Philippe ROLIN (Dijon)
Title : 
Linearization of transseries and transserial maps in a neighborhood of a singular point.

The abstract
as well as the list of the forthcoming speakers, is available on the website of the webinarhttps://sites.google.com/view/singularites-marseille

The next talk will be in English, as well as future talks, in order to accommodate a larger public.